What moves us, that pushes us to go ever further is the idea that every object could embrace a passion, a dream, a desire to share, a past tradition and a way for the future. Our style is made of simple things to hand down, rich in values, nice and informal. An engaging style that creates links and relationships. Our aspiration is to touch the hearts of all through color, unusual shapes and surprising atmospheres

(La Gabbianella)


La Gabbianella

has arrived so …

We were looking for an image, a symbol that would represent our flight to new destinations, it was synonymous with freedom, simplicity and growth. After dinners with friends, long walks, laughter in the family, there she …… The Gabbianella is the soul of good things.

In evidence:


August 24th, 2016|Comments Off on LA GABBIANELLA VOLA IN BENELUX

La Gabbianella arriva in Benelux con uno showroom al Trade Mart di Utretch. Un centro permanente di business-to-business nel cuore dell’Europa per la moda e  il design di interni professionali. Vetrina per le ultime tendenze nazionali ed internazionali, agisce come un luogo di scambio che ispira e stimola il mercato, attraverso eventi e mostre.

2000 marchi, sotto lo stesso tetto, al centro […]