Cookware and Bakeware

The scent of tradition in the kitchen

I LOVE YOU. Food has a great symbolic meaning, linked to life, to caring for oneself and others, to love.

Bringing food to the table that you have created with your own hands, to which you have devoted time and energy, is like saying ‘I love you’. We are a people who love good food, our culinary tradition is vast and exceptional. So let us treasure it and rediscover an art that was disappearing: slow and natural cooking in terracotta pots. In the earthenware ‘Coccio’ all dishes were cooked slowly and masterfully.
Sauces, stews, risottos, with unique and unforgettable flavours. We have designed our objects for special cooking: the Chicken Roaster, the Potato Pot, the historical Bean Pot, the Table Grill, the Bread Pot, the Piggy Meat Roaster and many others…

Terracotta is one of the oldest cooking materials and when it comes to long cooking times, it is the ideal material. Our pots are made from a porous clay mixture, which makes them heat-resistant. Our pottery is handcrafted from natural clay-based materials. It has a vitrified surface with strictly lead-free glazes, which do not release heavy metals when fired. It undergoes periodic inspections and is certified for food use. The glazed surface is characterised by a small crackling network, visible even to the naked eye, known as the ‘Network of Crackles’. The crackles are not to be considered a defect, but allow the object to expand without breaking and water vapour to reach the cooking food evenly, making it soft. Flameware works as an insulator, it heats up slowly and slowly releases the heat it has absorbed. The heat spreads evenly from the bottom to the walls so that the food is cooked in a moist environment without adding fat or special liquids. Of course, cooking requires more attention than with other materials, but we will obtain food with genuine and natural flavours while maintaining the highest nutritional level.