Home fragrances

Heart notes

We care for our home in every season, choosing room diffusers, with their essences and precious scents, suitable for welcoming guests and feeling in harmony with the environment. We place perfume and candles to match the accessories placed on the furniture, and characterise each room with different fragrances, delicate or intense, fruity or spicy. A familiar allure that will embrace us and anyone who crosses the threshold of the house. A sweet way of saying ‘Welcome back, you are home’ .

100% ITALIAN, MADE IN TUSCANY with CERTIFIED AND ECO-SUSTAINABLE raw materials. There are no wicks with lead cores or paraffins containing benzene. The candles are made of 100% natural soy wax, colored and scented with non-toxic pigments and high-quality fragrances.

Fragrances handcrafted in Italy. From the research, to the creation of the fragrance, to filling and packaging.
The fragrances consist of essences mainly of natural origin, with a low impact on the environment and alcohol of the highest quality for cosmetic use.

EARTH. This is the evocative name that serves as the incipit to La Gabbianella’s COLLECTION of room fragrances, this is what best describes and represents us. Fragrance-narratives inspired by local places, landscapes and distant lands, kept in our hearts: sea, vineyards, green gardens, woods, citrus groves, exotic and oriental lands. Top, heart and base notes to tell a story which, before being a scent, is a concentration of notes that together form an art, one that opens the doors of memory. ENJOY THE JOURNEY…