Tableware and Kitchenware

Tableware and much more

“Solid colours’ with full-bodied colours such as ruby red, sky blue and meadow green. The ‘Velvets’, shades that play with intense, caramel-like transparencies such as antique pink, navy blue and olive green. The “Sfumati”, delicate and sophisticated pastel shades such as mimosa, pearl and aqua. The ‘Decorati’, designs conceived to match our colours and fabrics, ranging from romantic flowers, funny little houses to graceful birds.

These are just a few of the colours that dress all our creations, such as the large serving trays, bowls, plates, and many original objects such as the cutlery drainer, jars, cups and many other products signed ‘La Gabbianella’. All strictly handcrafted, by our master craftsmen in our factories located in Italy.