The ‘La Gabbianella’ franchise focuses on exclusive Italian design and style. The articles are manufactured in our own factories located in Tuscany and Umbria.
The different sectors proposed, to a medium, medium-high clientele, satisfy all needs in TABLE, KITCHEN and FURNISHING also with lines of LIGHTING and FURNISHING. The lines are continuously renewed following the market trends but always presenting themselves in an original way and characterised by a strong craftsmanship. La Gabbianella’s products are created, keeping man’s craftsmanship visible and in the utmost consideration, which makes them unique and exclusive.
The CERAMICS, FABRICS, and HOME FRAGRANCES make the range offered very wide and of high quality.

We try, with the help of our franchisees, to transmit a "new culture of the home, kitchen and table" that allows one to share with family and friends a taste for objects that have a history and a personality.


Exclusivity of articles all strictly made in Italy.


Free project calculation and customisation.


Help with selection of the sales outlet and calculation of the break-even point.


Training of staff to make them competent and prepared.


Maximum franchisor support and flexibility due to in-house production.


Traditional products reinterpreted with full awareness of market trends.


Punctual and continuous assistance in managing the sales outlet.


Sector organisations.


Excellent brand identity visibility with internal and external image.


Computer assistance in managing sales, orders, articles, wedding lists...


Programme of La Gabbianella promotions and new releases.

Fidelity Card

Management of fidelity cards.


The sign: La Gabbianella
Context: Commercial areas with good pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic
Formula: Franchising or representative Corner
The size: 50 – 70 sq. m.
Furnishing: Self-lit and non-lighted cabinet sets, designed for each type of product are alternated with presentations with set product mixes
The communication: Photographic panels detailing the product/process
The geography: Italian territory
The objective: Store opening with low initial investment and possibility to return the unsold items.
The raw materials and sectors: Ceramics (table, accessories, cooking, characters, garden) Fabric (table, kitchen, furnishing accessories, padding) Lighting (lamps and suspensions) Favours (standard and customised)
The ‘Pluses’: Direct production (control of the supply chain) The ‘savoir-faire’ (creativity, choice of materials and colours, mastery of processes, exclusive product) The experience (gained in 50 years of activity) The logo (impact, memorable, empathetic)

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