La Gabbianella was established in Lucca, Tuscany, operating for more than fifty years in the gift sector with shops all over the world.
Since 1967, tradition and exclusive design have characterised our production.
We believe in the value of tradition and Italian know-how. We have experimented with techniques and colours until we found our own style, which has led us to grow the brand and production by offering a wide range of articles.

Our objects are handmade following ancient manufacturing techniques that have been handed down for generations, in full respect of the environment and mankind, with an innovative recovery of production waste that greatly reduces the impact on the environment.

Our ceramics are handcrafted, our objects carry with them the work of creation, forging, finishing of many hands working for a single purpose: to bring into every home the love for a craft, for a centuries-old tradition that deserves respect and should be valued.

Hand-turned ceramics in full-bodied colours; the soft rainbow of fabrics and precious home fragrances.

Surround yourself with objects that are beautiful, useful and bursting with warmth.

Being able to find even the slightest space in one’s days to live in full relaxation, surrounded by beautiful things and good company, is a winning reason to escape the hustle and bustle of life and give importance to the values that really deserve it-this is the philosophy that accompanies every one of our choices.


Our story begins in 1967 in Piaggione, a small village on the outskirts of Lucca. It was the starting point of our first 'explorations'.


The items are made in Umbria, right in the heart of the land of clay, where the art of ceramics has been handed down from father to son for generations, from the masters of the 14th century to the present day.


On 15 March 1985, 'La Gabbianella' opened its first shop in Viareggio at 284 Via Fratti; still open after more than 35 years.


Susanna Agnelli contacted 'La Gabbianella' to thank them for the atmosphere created at an important dinner party using our articles.


On 25 May 1992, 'La Gabbianella' opened its first overseas shop in Portland, Oregon (USA).


In February, 'La Gabbianella' thought of the environment and installed a purifier to have only clear/clean water at the end of the production process.


'La Gabbianella' opens its 10th shop in La Spezia at 105 Via Prione.


In the movie "Eat Pray Love" starring Julia Roberts and directed by Ryan Murphy, "La Gabbianella" products are requested to furnish the set.


'Eataly' chooses 'La Gabbianella' as partner for ceramic cooking.


On 15 September 2018, 'La Gabbianella' opens its 25th shop.


Trials begin on a new mixture to reduce the environmental impact of ceramic production.

Collaborations over the past decade...

TV dramas, movies and programmes look for 'La Gabbianella' to decorate sets

Italian TV series “un medico in famiglia”, “un passo dal cielo”, “i cesaroni”, “un posto al sole”, “Il menù di Benedetta” and many more…