La Gabbianella – In the kitchen the tradition perfume

Our food is full-bodied and full of kindness: tasty, outspoken, affable, jovial and indeed confidential … simplicity is the norm, first and forefront ” (KITCHEN TOSCANA1927)

Terracotta is most popular for making one-pot meals and roasting. It’s an ancient method of cooking.

Terracotta pots are soaked in water, very fine “cracks” also called crazing, will form inside the pot as you use it; these are not a defects, this allows for the  micro-vapors of steam to be released evenly into the food during cooking, adding moisture to whatever is being cooked and retaining nutrients. This method of cooking has been used for producing some of the most delectable and delicious cuisine in Italy since before early Roman times. And as we all know the Italian certainly know a thing about excellent food. Terracotta pots for stew, bean, sauce, potato, bread and roasting pots for meats and veggies.

Beautiful and functional our terracotta cook wear can be brought directly from the stove top/oven to the table. All of our items are made by hand … using a mixture of porous natural terracotta clay. During the first stage of the process, the clay is shaped on a wheel or pressed into plaster moulds. After being fired at 1796F, the unfinished pieces are dipped into the glaze (made from ground glass and mineral based colours) and then returned to the kiln. The large variety of shapes and uses (serving dishes, oven or stove-top dishes) is a feature that creates considerable differences in production techniques and raises imperfections that vary depending on the type of object. Imperfections are the guarantee that the products are hand-made and are proof of the difficulties involved in producing a wide range of shapes and colours.

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