La Gabbianella – A journey that has lasted fifty years

La Gabbianella was born in Lucca, in Tuscany, from years of previous experience in the Italian gift industry and stores worldwide. Our buisness endeavors have brought our traditions far and wide, sharing the valuable work of skilled artists who made our nation famous. Our artisan factory is located in Gualdo Tadino (PG Umbria, the heart of the terracotta production, where the art of pottery has been handed down from generations to generations by the master’s since 1300 to present day.

La Gabbianella’s proposals for the home and table, lies in the recovery and development of traditional rural products and values; the typical materials and manufacturing techniques of the countryside that are now lost to Industry.

These values and traditions include spending time with family and friends around the table, preparing and celebrating food, drink, and enjoying the many pleasures that come from these simple daily events in the home.

La Gabbianella’s  products are made in Italy with bright colours, lively patterns and quality materials; hand crafted in a time honoured fashion to create a rustic, warm, refined, elegant and yet informal atmosphere.

Custom designed by in-house designers and produced using hand-crafted manufacturing techniques using natural materials; provides a unique beauty not found in synthetic, machine-manufactured goods.

Our ceramics integrate beautifully with modern and traditional Furnishings.

La Gabbianella aims  not to follow fads or trends, but to ensure that all of our products are timeless in style and will endure over time be enjoyed for years to come.

La Gabbianella – Lucca

Our story begins in 1967
to Piaggione, a small town
on the outskirts of Lucca. It ‘was the
starting point of our
raw “explorations”, in search
confirmation that we were
taking the right path
… And we found it.

lucca piatti multicolor mele la gabbianella

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